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About Us

Eye-to-Eye Consulting was founded by Cory J. Pickett with the intent on providing a complete practice development solution for today’s cataract and refractive surgery practices.  With nearly a decade of ophthalmology practice experience, Eye-to-Eye Consulting has consulted practices from coast-to-coast while addressing a variety of needs specific to each practice.

“I have been fortunate to have had two major influences in my ophthalmic practice career.  My combination of both clinical and practice development experience has allowed me to be able to maximize the efforts of several major cataract and refractive surgery practices.  My career began in Shreveport, LA, under the guidance of James E. Lusk, MD, of Lusk Eye Specialists.  In my position of marketing director and LASIK coordinator, I worked personally with Dr. Lusk for several years as he equipped me with necessary tools on the clinical side to counsel patients inquiring about laser vision correction.  As we ventured into the world of other refractive surgery procedures, specifically premium IOLs, I began to recognize the importance of proper patient education and counseling, along with a proper patient flow in the clinic, in order to maximize the adoption of premium IOLs. 

The other major influence in my ophthalmic practice career is Mike Malley, President/Founder of CRM Marketing Group based in Houston, TX.  I have personally worked closely with Mike for nearly a decade.  He has given me invaluable insight on the practice development side of the business.  I consider Mike the foremost expert on refractive surgery practice development/marketing and I’ve worked to have my services compliment those of CRM Marketing Group.

The main focus of my practice development is from the inside-out.  I’ve found that enhancing patient flow during the visit can significantly increase the conversion rate for both LASIK consultations and for premium IOLs.  In addition, I worked closely with Bob Watson of Patient Education Concepts to develop the Education Station, a tool introduced in 2009 that was designed to streamline and customize the patient education process.

"Thank you for visiting our all-new website.  Please feel free to contact me via the methods below.”

Cory J. Pickett
Eye-to-Eye Consulting